Stephanie's 'See It to Believe It' Results!

I am the walking TTPT testimonial at the gym, park work, and in general.  After losing 52 lbs. in 8 short months, I have gained confidence, healthy life-long habits, and motivation. Even when not training with Mike, I gain the support and motivation of all the TTPT staff.  I am the most stubborn, non-listening person there is, and if Mike can get me to listen and stay motivated on my health journey, he IS the Best of the Best!

Thanks TTPT Team,

Stephanie K.   


Great Gym

Millers Athletic Club is a great gym definitely the best around Euclid. All of the members are great people, it is a community at the gym not just a collection of people working out together. Mike Karban the owner and trainer is fantastic at what he does. With Mike's help I was able to far surpass goals that I set for myself. I have been a member at other gyms and this one by far is the best that I have been a part of. 


Totally Toned Dedication


In my experience, the trainers at Totally Toned Personal Training live, breath and believe in what they teach. I have never reached my goals as quickly as I have with my Totally Toned Trainer. I love the atmosphere at Miller’s, it is definitely a community gym.  


Totally Toned Trainers are the Best

I really liked going there and the trainers were great!!! It's a really laid back atmosphere. I recommend this gym to all my friends that are looking to lose weight or tone!!! 


What our clients want you to know about TTPT!

Puja G

How often does someone like Dwayne Johnson meet you at your apartment gym to workout with you? Clearly it is a possibility for residents at Innova. I met Mike during a challenging phase of my life. Weight training with him made me stronger, healthier and happier. However, what is hidden beneath is a hard-working, fun and unbelievably kind personality. The only thing I will miss about Cleveland is Mike!

Erin F

I want you to know what an asset Totally Toned Personal Training has been at Brunswick Rec Center. I was born with Spina Bifida, which makes many trainers apprehensive to want to work with me. I have had several trainers from various places that wouldn’t even try to help me lost the substantial amount of weight that I needed to. So far, I have had amazing results, considering I am in my wheelchair much of the day. I have tried to workout and diet before on my own, but never had any luck. Since working with TTPT, not only have I lost significant weight but I feel better about myself and my health has improved as well. I have lost almost a third of the weight I needed to so far, and I have also been able to strengthen muscles that were once weak. TTPT has make a huge difference in my life. I am very grateful to Totally Toned Personal Training because they were willing to help me when no one else would!

Michaela V

I had the opportunity to workout with Mike and Totally Toned Personal trainers. I enjoy working with them, they are knowledgeable with the equipment and they are outstanding to work with. You would think working out would be boring, but they make it fun. They push you to do your best and want you to succeed. I love that they are at the Brunswick Rec Center because it’s close to where I live. Also, the gym is smaller so you don’t feel self-conscious when working out. I would recommend Totally Toned Personal Training to anyone who wants outstanding trainers to work with.

Danielle K

I’ve been training with Totally Toned for 6 months and I couldn’t ask for a better trainer and company. They are tough, but very patient, and they make every training session fun and unique. Not only have I lost pounds and inches, I’ve gained a fitness confidant. There are days when I feel like I can’t dig deeper, but they always manage to push me and get me through. Training with TTPT has helped my confidence tremendously. Of all the training companies I’ve worked with, Totally Toned Personal Training is the absolute best!


Aaron M

I am very satisfied with the personal training I have received from your team. They are very flexible with my schedule, are very professional in their appearance and attitude, and take time to understand my goals and objectives to deliver a custom workout program tailored to my needs. I have renewed my relationship with you and the Brunswick Recreation Center for the last three years in large part due to my experience with your team of trainers. In fact, I moved out of Brunswick last year but still choose, happily, to renew my membership at the out-of-city rate!

Thanks for the great service and look forward to continuing to work with your trainers for the forseeable future!


Vicki P

My name is Vicki and I have been training with Mike and the TTPT team for 10 months. I have lost weight, I am sleeping better and I feel better both physically and mentally! The trainers at Totally Toned Personal Training take into account your fitness level when you begin with them and adjust workouts as time and your ability progresses. Even though I have been working with them for some time now, they always bring a new challenge to the table weekly. They are very flexible with setting up appointments and will customize a program to fit your schedule. Also, their services are reasonably priced. Overall, it has been and continues to be a great experience and I would recommend them to everyone!

Joyce's Journey

My girls purchased me a Brunswick Rec Center membership because they were concerned for my health.

I retired and was happy in my life, but was gaining weight, not exercising and not eating the best I could. They would call every day to see if I went. Well, I decided to go so I would not have to lie to them. When I did go, I bruised my legs, pinched my fingers in equipment and tangled myself up in machines. I obviously did not know what I was doing!!! I decided to sign up for a trainer. I have to admit I was not an easy client, maybe even the client from HELL!! I tried to tell Mike, ‘You don’t understand…I am old, overweight, and out of shape! We need to redo your system.’ He would not budge. Little by little, I started enjoying my new pastime. Now I go 3 times a week and I miss it if I don’t go. TTPT was an amazing motivation for me. 

Thank you guys, for never giving up on me. I am on my own now, but I would never have gotten to this point if it had not been for the Totally Toned team.  For anyone that has not exercised in a while, I recommend a personal trainer. It’s much safer than trying to go it yourself. The Totally Toned team really cares about you succeeding. They also see to it you are not intimidated. Most people might think of gyms as places for just body builders-Not True-in fact many seniors are working out more and more, and a personal trainer is the best place to start. I might add, I have never felt better in my life.


Check out Claire's Pics of Progess!


When I signed up for six training sessions back in July, I had no idea what a journey I was starting. Health was never really a goal for me until long after I signed up for the three month package. Little did I realize what a great investment in my health and a new foundation would be underway. Pietro's knowledge and patience have helped correct my horrible posture, which has relieved my aching back and hips. My previously recurring, hourly heartburn is almost forgotten; if not now a rare occurrence.

I look forward to more training with gratitude for such attention to detail and support, which I have found nowhere else. The journey has been rough. And, I have learned, with the muscle strength I am building, I can do more and be more than just a person who accepts aches and pains as I age.  

Thanks TTPT for starting my successful and continuing quest for a healthy future.

Claire K.     

Totally Toned at Miller's

I'm on my seventh month of training with Mike (Owner/trainer) at Miller's. This is AMAZING! I'm a 54 year old guy that had a disc removed in my lower back and haven't been able to lift more than 20 lbs. in the years since, without pain. I'm lifting far more, now. And I have lost 40lbs of excess weight! Cholesterol is significantly down...(no meds needed)...sleep apnea is gone...I have more energy...and I can eat a reasonable amount without gaining weight.  

Mike is knowledgeable, patient, and motivating. He's also a smart businessman to keep his fees affordable for the 185th street neighborhood. 


Words cannot express my gratitude

I have been training with Mike Karban and the Totally Toned Personal trainers since the end of November, 2013.  Words cannot express my gratitude for Mike & his TTPT Team.  They are truly professional, dedicated, passionate, and committed to your success in meeting your health and fitness goals.   


Mike is extremely supportive and he is an amazing motivator.  With every workout, he brings a lot of positive energy and makes them fun!  As I became stronger, he continued to challenge me with new exercises and goals, and instilled in me the discipline I need to continue to improve myself.  I work very hard to demonstrate my ability to meet and exceed those challenges.  Last fall, I had a broken collarbone.  Mike continued to work with me throughout my healing process.  He modified our sessions through my 8 weeks of healing, keeping me motivated and on track so I wouldn’t be discouraged because of this setback. 


Although our workouts can be intense, they are paying off.  I have lost close to 100 lbs. working with Mike and many, many inches overall.  What a rush it is for me to see how far I’ve come since my first workout with him!  I have accomplished so much with Mike’s guidance.  It is truly a team effort, and he is an awesome coach!   


If you want to get toned, fit and healthy, and have fun while doing it, I would highly recommend the trainers at Totally Toned Personal Training.  They are amazing, will make it happen for you & will change your life for the better! 


Donna W

Knowledgable and encouraging

Several months ago, I attended an orientation presentation on the fitness equipment at the Brunswick Rec. Center given by a Totally Toned personal trainer.    I was very impressed with their knowledge of the equipment, as well as the enthusiasm they showed regarding the benefits of weight training as part of an overall workout regimen.  

After getting the specifics of the training options, I decided to sign up for an trial period. Even after my third consecutive 20 session program, I have continued to resign because of the benefits I see in working with a personal trainer, especially one as knowledgeable and encouraging as my TTPT trainer.  They always seems to present a varied and challenging workout, and their knowledge in the area of weight training is not limited to just the equipment. They are clearly aware of the anatomical challenges each machine can provide, and the benefits of certain repetition programs.  In addition, they seem to instinctively know when to push the envelope a little further, and when to back off a little.   More importantly, they possess a key attribute that all good coaches, teachers and trainers seem to have, and that is the ability to motivate.   I believe motivation is the basis for not only achieving more than expected, but for having fun in the process.   


Michael B

Mike and TTPT are the keys to my success

 Hi….my name is Randy. I am a 55 year old resident of Brunswick and have an annual membership to the Brunswick Community Recreation Center. I have been coming to the Rec Center for over a decade and have been enjoying all that it has to offer me and my family. I was fortunate to meet Mike Karban of Totally Toned Personal Training a few years ago in the fitness center during a training session with a client. I will say that one meeting has changed my life dramatically.    

Mike Karban is a people person. I was extremely impressed, excited, and motivated to get started on a fitness program with Mike after spending some time talking with him. Mike understands, to the personal level, what people are looking to try to accomplish in the fitness center. I was always reluctant to use the equipment and the free weights in the gym on my own. At my age it is intimidating not knowing what I should or should not be doing. Having a personal trainer is more than just getting instructions in the gym though….it’s a way to build confidence, consistency, and endurance while being professionally guided and guarded from injury. Also, you will be guided on nutrition and sleep. It became clear very soon that Mike, and Totally Toned Personal Training, would be the key to my success in the gym, and for my overall health.    

Here we are over three years later and my feelings have not changed one bit. I have worked with all the trainers of TTPT. Mike has top notch people on his staff.  I have missed very few workouts, and I I come even when I feel bad and leave feeling great.  I really am amazed at the gains I have made. Most importantly though ….I FEEL GREAT!!!  I am in the absolute best shape of my life….at age 55.    I am so glad I signed on with Totally Toned a few years back. I love coming to the gym and working with my trainer. I know that I would never have worked this hard, or got these results, on my own. I want to thank Mike and TTPT for getting me to where I am today on my fitness level. My doctor has nothing but praises for how I have helped my overall health.


Randy B